Monday, 18 April 2011

First few days and first few snaps

I have decided to start a new blog for my wildlife snaps and videos.

I am currently on an expedition in Ardnamurchan in Scotland and it is beautiful! Here me and 3 other students are photographing and filming the wildlife that Scotland has to offer. I'm mainly focussing on macro photography because I think that some of the small critters are often overlooked, and they're pretty amazing! Here are a few of the snaps that I have taken so far.

Common Shiny Woodlouse Oniscus asellus

Weevil on Cain's bag

Slow worm Anguis fragilis

Drinker Moth Philudoria potatoria


(Tuesday 19th April)
We went for a walk down to the beach. We saw our first otter of the expedition but unfortunately I didn't get any snaps! However, here's some beasties that I did see on the way :)



Common Lizard Lacerta vivipara

Tonight we are sitting and hoping for the Pine Marten to visit again, i've put out some chocolate bourbons and out cookies so fingers crossed!

1 comment:

  1. I have just found the various blogs re your Ardnamurchan expedition.
    I have a holiday booked soon and you guys have so wetted my appetite!
    Loved the macro shots - my macro attempts so far have been garden flowers with the odd bee on!
    I believe my two bassets no doubt going mad will limit my wildlife photography!
    All the more reason to enjoy yours!