Monday, 24 October 2011

Gambia, March 2011

I went to Gambia in March with uni for 2 weeks, it was great but very hot! Apart from the night life I did manage to get some wildlife photographs. It has taken me a while to get them up because I lost my memory card with them on! Thankfully I have managed to retreive my pictures and here are a few that I took while I was there.

Green Vervet Monkey

Gambian child waving at us

My friend Adelle with three Gambian kids

We had a photo competition while we were there, we had to enter unedited photos that used a bit of imagination and work to get, i entered this one and came in the top three with it :)

Green Vervet - particularly like this picture because of the light on the monkeys face and it seems as though it is in deep thought

African Monarch Butterfly

This is one of the watering holes that me and my group did a project on, we observed the behaviour of wildlife at watering holes and the effects of disturbance.

Red -eyed Dove

Red Colobus Monkey

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